Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cordarounds: Life is Better Horizontal!

As the former Corporate Philosopher for Cordarounds, I'm excited to see such success come for the masters of the "crotch heat index," Chris and Enrique.  Great article in the New York Times:

To understand the thinking behind Chris Lindland’s company, Betabrand, you need to keep three seemingly disparate ideas in your head at the same time: 1) It’s a challenge for Web-only businesses to sell clothing. 2) Most people want to be witty. 3) Some shoppers go crazy for limited-edition goods. (Think Beanie Babies.) 

Betabrand employs No. 2 (our desire to be funny — or at least original), to trump No. 1 (our reluctance to buy something we can’t examine up close). Then the company seals the deal by exploiting No. 3. (Because its products are made only in batches of a few hundred, you’ll miss them if you don’t hurry.)
“We could never afford to make product in volume, so we adopted kind of like a Beanie Baby approach: we’d create small collections that supremely rabid buyers would end up buying,” Mr. Lindland said, noting that some customers own more than 20 pairs of his signature pants. “They’re a collectors’ item, oddly enough.”


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