Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ouch! US Leaders need to find a way to work together

Thomas Friedman makes some excellent points in his recent New York Times Op-Ed article.  China must be very happy about our government's gridlock.

Written from the point of view of a Chinese diplomat reporting to his government about the state of America:

"... Most of the Republicans just elected to Congress do not believe what their scientists tell them about man-made climate change. America’s politicians are mostly lawyers — not engineers or scientists like ours — so they’ll just say crazy things about science and nobody calls them on it. It’s good. It means they will not support any bill to spur clean energy innovation, which is central to our next five-year plan. And this ensures that our efforts to dominate the wind, solar, nuclear and electric car industries will not be challenged by America.

Finally, record numbers of U.S. high school students are now studying Chinese, which should guarantee us (i.e. China) a steady supply of cheap labor that speaks our language here, as we use our $2.3 trillion in reserves to quietly buy up U.S. factories. In sum, things are going well for China in America."


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