Thursday, March 18, 2010

Free-Market Theorists Forget Their Logic

The IMF is so ridiculous. For years, they say money must be allowed to move freely across borders, and yet they would never argue that people (i.e. the labor market) should be able to move freely across any borders. These hypocrites argue for the principle of free-markets only when it's convenient.

Why doesn't someone ask Ron Paul how he can be America's leading champion of free markets while at the same time calling for increased restrictions on "illegal immigrants?" There is no logic to his argument. Under free-market principles, there would be no such thing as an "illegal" immigrant nor would the labor market be restricted in any way, just as there would be no such thing as a restriction on "foreign" currencies. What ever happened to sticking to your principles Ron Paul?

Here's another case of failed logic: Shailendra Anjara's essay entitled "The Capital Truth: What works for commodities should work for cash."

Anjara is a free-market capitalist, blindly following the dogma of deregulation. I don't see her arguing for the free movement of people across borders.