Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Web 3.0

If Web 2.0 is about allowing regular people to create content online through photo-sharing, video-uploading, music-downloading, and personal blogging on multiple social networks, then Web 3.0 is about the strategic design of the flow and presentation of information.

We are already overwhelmed by the amount of information coming at us every minute of the day. At the same time, each of us everyday contributes to the world's knowledge, thus creating more information. Success will come to those who create systems that allow for current, reliable, and personalized information to reach the masses in easily digestible chunks while simultaneously tracking, organizing, and analyzing the responses and reactions of the masses in the aggregrate so that better decisions can be made, as suggested by the greater wisdom of crowds. It's a simple loop, but hard to master.

You heard it first right here.

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