Tuesday, July 24, 2007

for sonja

sonja taylor,
sweet sonjeeeetee,
chic chica from chico,
my super t

the names remain the same
still float from my lips
like flowers of kiss
blooming upwards in search of bliss

how shall i call thee?
with longing for your presence
with love for your essence

the questions stand tall tonight,
infinite trees in a tearful sky
a breeze of sighs, their only reply

why did i never tell you?
how your smile soft with wonder
spread me out like the morning

how your shape of laughter
sang sunshine in my heart

how your simple goodness
opened me with grace

i loved you from afar
forever dazed by your gaze,
your eyes wise and bright,
dizzying me with delight

in my heart you will stay
your sweet soul and gentle way
a huggable hope for everyday

i pray at last that you fly free
a divine spirit that will always be
i love you, dear Sonja T.


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